Stubborn Dealer Continues to be Stubborn About Leaky Sunroof

*not actual car.

The owner/customer has stopped posting on the internet about it, so it's probably getting serious. From what I understand, Hardibro reached out to VWoA.


It seems a friend of the owner/customer is posting diluted, vague updates as time goes by. It sounds like the dealer isn't going to budge, and it's going to get messy.

Someone posts this to the thread. Message board reads his post history, and calls him out after learning that he's employed by the dealer.

i would like to point out that after reading the posts for the last few pages and alecs "timeline" that he rode around in the car for 6 weeks with water in it. now im not making light of the fact that the car was parked outside without protection at the shop, but alec did the same thing for twice as long. when dropped off at the dealer after he was finally getting a loaner that was being paid for by said dealer not by vw through his CPO agreement (which he was aware of from previously owning a CPO), it was at the dealer for 20 days outside. again it was not right that it was outside but I just wanded to point out how long alec drove around with water under the carpet because he wanted a loaner that he knew he shouldn't get(before being left outside at smvw).

and all posts by folks in this thread are invalid unless you can tell me whats been replaced on the car. not one person can answer this question. so shut up. you only know what alec knows/exaggerated on which he admitted is nothing.

and I should repeat again im only here to correct one of the everything wrongs that have been posted. not a spokesperson for the dealer. not a representative. just passing along REAL info that not one person in this entire thread has given. seeing the difference in whats in here and whats actually happening has become quite comical. all the excess posting of BS by everyone has done nothing productive or changed the situation.

Original Kinja post by owner.


Edit - Kinja is already suggesting it —>

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