A mid 70s v8 land-boat for your time.

So. Five semesters of Northern Virginia Community College and roughly 90 credits later.. I have to decide where to finish my undergraduate degree. I have too many options (#firstworldproblems) UVA, William and Mary, VCU, GW, NYU, Goucher, Marymount, and George Mason University are my options. I'm on the fence between Mason and UVA. Mason will accept 75 of my credits and let me go to school for free. UVA isn't 20 mins from my house but will only accept 54-60, so I'd be having to spend the two full years there. No big. Mason = free, 1.5 years. UVA = privacy, in-state, but 2 years (maybe more.)


I'm not asking the internet for advice...but maybe I am. College grads and current undergraduates and post-graduate scholars: lend me your wisdom please.