Finally! I’ve wasted hours of good auto body shop time trying to get this damn receiver tube out of the trailer hitch ball mount out of the receiver tube on my car. It was in for about 15 years and bonded itself into place... The first week we tried heat. Last week we tried chaining it to the floor and driving away (that ended badly). This week I unbolted the hitch from the car and we strapped it down to the frame machine, then threw some heat on it to get the hitch glowing... and STILL had to hit it pretty hard with a sledgehammer... but it came out! DAMN!

Class is only 3 hours once a week. Now I can get started on some real repair work!

This is a class 3 hitch from my ‘73 Buick. I gave the rear frame a thorough inspection while it was up on the lift and the hitch was out - no concerns at all, the frame is going to outlast everything else.

edit - bumped time for daytime fun

edit - had my names mixed up, the receiver tube is fine, we were trying to remove the ball mount.