I need your help Oppo!

So I went and did a rallycross event on a frozen lake yesterday, and it was awesome!

However, my competition was pretty much limited to my friends in my car club, most of whom have little to no racing experience of any kind. So obviously I want a bigger challenge, there just aren't many people up there running RWR (rear wheel drive rubber tires).

The guys with studded tires were insanely fast, and there were a lot more RWD cars in that class. So now, I obviously want some studded tires. As opposed to buying a used set, I kind of want to build my own, and would appreciate any input from Opponauts experience in this area.

There's really only one question I have. Is there a specific type of tire (like all-seasons or winters) that I should use, or can I stud my extra set of stock FR-S summer tires and do alright?

That may be the only question I have right now, but any and all help is appreciated!