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Student Loans Are Paid Off, Final Car Payment in April, Then... Caddy Wagon (V6)

My side of student debt has been devoured! All that remains is a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee as the seasoned tenderloin on my plate. I’ll finish that final portion off in April but keeping kosher afterwards isn’t the plan. Instead, I’ll be preparing for future purchases well in advance of the courses crossing my counter.

I mentioned earlier this year that I was prepping for a 2010-2012 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon (V6). I’ll be ready to purchase the Caddy Wagon anytime after February and have it paid off in September.


Let me mention that I’m not debt averse. In regards to finances, I realized that I wanted better handling and control which I’m sure everyone here can understand. I’m still working out the changes in my attitudes and practices when it comes to debt as well as many other aspects of finances. I need to live and practice these changes for a while longer and discover what is constant versus consistent before I do a write up.

HOWEVER... I still have every intention on building a garage, fleet, harem of cars that are better than factory when it comes to cleanliness, responsiveness, and smoothliness. I aalso still plan to buy up used Maseratis the same way you all buy up Toyotas and BMWs. Darnit! I may very well break down and buy a Granturismo next October! Better myself before the car, that's what I always say just now.

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