My first and only real relationship ended last Thursday without warning, and Sunday I found out it was because there was another guy. I've been bullied and taken advantage of my whole life, so it was wonderful to have someone really care about me for a change. Even when she dumped me, I was glad to have had that if only for a while. So when I found out that she was just like everyone else and really didn't give a damn about me, that was just too much to take. Last night and the one before, I was up for hours just laying there. I couldn't stop worrying that it's always going to be like this. That I'm just too vulnerable or something and people are always just going to use me.
I have a few actual emotional disorders, so this whole thing is really just acting as a major trigger to them. The worst part is I only have two friends at all, and neither of them are able to talk to me much. So I've been pretty much completely alone these past few days.