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So I saw this truck with 1951 plates, like mine, except I have to have the 52' tag on the 51' plate, his is an actual 51 (You have to use a 51' plate through 54' with a tag that just changes the year). I found this Miata that is owned by a guy that apparently has Loti/Lotuses. I hiked with my wife and dog at Roy’s Redwood Preserve, which is an open space that used to be part of the Roy bros ranch in West Marin, found this HUGE and totally insane redwood that splits off into three trees and also had a huge L shaped offshoot on one side, photo doesn’t come close to doing it justice. Base of the trunk was 15 to 20 feet across. Also some pics of that 2002 lurking at me everywhere I look, that thing is following me.


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