Stuff I buy at estate sales

Just picked up this hat and button on a lunch run.

Both are for sale: $15 for the Hat, $5 for the button - includes shipping

But more interestingly, this house was insane! Massive 5,210 sq ft home with a genius basement design (it’s probably common, I just don’t go to rich folks’ homes often). See below for reference to the basement set up. The stairs come down to the finished section (the red box) which has a door doing to the outer edge (black box) which was essentially unfinished and filled with storage solutions and a good sized work bench. Three car garage with space for work to be done upstairs. It was quite an impressive space.


And lastly, the Mrs and I have started to document our estate sale hopping on the instagrams. Check us out if weird and/or cute stuff is in your wheelhouse

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