Stuff I've heard on my local police scanner

Someone in a green Buick sedan briefly running from the cops

Someone in a Camry (of course) blew out a drive wheel's tire in the middle of a busy intersection and couldn't move the car

Someone is assaulting another guy's sister in the guy's front yard

Assault outside of a Chinese carry-out place

The street I live on was briefly mentioned, but I wasn't paying attention to what was said beforehand


Neighbors just got involved in the sister-assault case.

Speeders. Speeders *everywhere*

I just heard a woman screaming "NO" in the background as one of the officers transmitted. Dayumn.

HAH. Someone mentioned an elderly lady called him. Another officer responded he'd been trying to contact her for a day or two. A third person chimes in with a grim/annoyed "Yeah, I know"

More crying and screaming in the background of a transmission.

Someone is bawling about getting pulled over. Are you kidding me.

Homeless guy is wandering around in an intersection, mid-40s, looks "confused and scared." I kinda feel bad for him, even though he's likely drunk/high/both.


And now I have to go. Lame.

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