Stuff you bought for your car because you were being an emotional child!

First blog post!

So the last time a girl crapped on my heart was right when I was getting ready to do the timing belt in my Subaru, Perfect this will be an ideal distraction for my brain!

So I went to Subaru to pick up the parts, and they had to order them so it would be next week until they were in (it was Saturday) I was restless as a fox and content not to do nothing all day, so I heard an add on the radio for an audio shop having a sale. So I went, and dropped 800 Canadian dollars on a 600 watt amp and 10" sub in a sealed box and wiring kit and spent the rest of that Saturday in the garage installing the amp and mounting the box and running all the wires properly and everything.


Now I'm a humble truck tech apprentice with a lot of better things to spend my money on like a tool box that's not falling apart or tools that are not from Canadian tire or sears, And I still had to pay for the timing belt stuff a few days later, another 800 dollars, This was in October and I'm still trying to get my credit card balance in check. And all the guys at work think I'm an idiot.

Sometimes I think it was a stupid thing to spend money on, and then I get in my car and instantly have no regrets, sounds awesome! And I'm not sure about you but music has always been a safe place for me to relax and feel good. Now I'm squandering spare cash to save up for new front speakers and another amp.

So what have you done, bought, installed on a whim or without much thought or on a whim?

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