Stupid Acadia no Christmas for you!

So we were headed to my dads last night in the wife’s 13 Acadia and it all of the sudden decided to throw “reduced engine power”, “service stabilitrack” and “Stabilitrak off” messages along with a CEL and proceeded to not let us go over 40 mph. Pull over to the side of I20 (in the dark) and wait for her dad to come get them.

I wait for the tow driver and do research on what it could posssibly be while waiting and settle on possibly the throttle body. Driver loads and we get home it doesn’t want to fire off now so...maybe a fuel problem. I’m sure scantool will help me diagnose but I am still hopeful it’s just a gummy throttle body. I run the codes today and all signs point to a faulty hi pressure pump so far. All codes are fuel related and specifically to bank 2. In addition real-time monitor shows the lift pump at about 60-70 where it should be but the high pressure pump can’t get past 100 psi when it has a range up to about 4500.

So I’m sure the mechanic will love us this year. Now if she can manage to drive my car sensibly as it will be the only other one we have while hers is in the shop For who knows how long. I can do a lot but messing with the HPFP system seems a bit above my pay grade/capability.

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