Stupid car trivia

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Me and the Mrs were talking cars after seeing Concors de lemons today and realized a weird stat for her total car ownership; dates owned: 1986-2019.


1. 79 Duster - automatic (used)

2. 84 Cavalier-automatic (used)

3. 89 Escort- manual (new)

4. 89 Escort GT - manual (used)

5. 96 Ranger - manual (new)

6. 06 Mustang GT -manual (new)

7. 09 Liberty- manual (new)

8. 14 Focus ST -manual (new)

9. 16 Focus ST - manual (new & modified)

How many and which cars needed or still need gas tank replacement? FYI she still owns the 06 Mustang GT and the 16 Focus ST. Btw my father in law was a mechanic and gas station owner so she knows her way around cars and proper care. Hint: 4 of the 9...which 4?



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