Stupid construction yard worker messed up

During my normal working days we usually eat our lunch at the same place. There’s ~200 meters of walking distance to reach the place from our office. We are passing a very massive renovating project while walking to the lunch place. They are converting one large office building into a school building.

One of the construction yard workers parks his car in the street and we have been seeing it nearly daily. It’s a modified RHD Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution that has front splitters, fart cannon, shark fins, white TE37 (replicas?) and other things that are commonly added to those. It’s hard not to spot it from the long line of normal boring cars that are seen in our street during winter season.

But today my colleague spotted the same car in the news. I guess I won’t be seeing it anymore during our lunch hours. The driver apparently crashed it and rolled over a guard rail. I have no idea how but I would assume that quite a lot of speed was required to do that.


Two persons inside the car were apparently hurt but not severely. They seem to be cutting the door apart in the second picture. I hope the idiot settles for a Qashqai for his next car.

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