Yesterday on a drive home on an Ohio state route which is two lanes there was a long wait in traffic due to several trains crossing. For some reason it was way longer than normal. There are no other reasonable alternate routes for this section of my daily drive so I’m stuck there. It took forever to get up to a side road that goes to a local park and a few houses. I was still 300 ft from the tracks. There were likely 60-80 cars behind me on the main road but people trying to be courteous were letting in a bunch of cars out of the side park road instead of moving ahead. The result of this was the backup behind me was going all the way back to an intersection with a light. I had just inched my way through that junction where everyone was on the verge of road rage because of the gridlock. I know that some dimwits were trying to be nice to let those park road people on the main road but as a result it was causing issues beyond what they could fathom. I just wish they could have looked in the rearview mirror to see the results of their actions. End of rant. I could have titled this post “20 minutes to drive 800 feet”.