Stupid Electrons

I went to a local show and spent most of it like this:

On the way to the show my bluetooth started cutting in and out. Then, the electric power steering went. I made it to the show, turned it off... and it wouldn’t start again. No power to any of the dash.


Now, under the dash it’s a rats nest. I have shamed my family how bad it is. It’s a combo of 50 year old wiring and adding new circuits willy nilly as I built the car. It was a total ass pain to trouble shoot. It turned out to be a combo of a fuse that blew but not where visible and a bad relay. The relay would click with the key, but as soon as a load was put on it it would jitter. I stole a headlight relay from under the hood to get me going again.

So, I think this winters big project will be to completely re-wire this bitch. Probably make a couple other upgrades while I’m in there (anyone have a standalone ECU laying around?)

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