I’ve been seeing these badges a lot lately and jeep has been making a big deal out of celebrating their 75th anniversary...only its not the 75th anniversary of the Jeep because in 1941 there was no Jeep (upper case).

No I know you might think I’m being pedantic (and you’d be right!) but even Jeep themselves seem to acknowledge that its not the right year for 75th anniversaries.

So, lets see, 2016 minus 75 is...HEY 1941 so its true then that Jeep® Brand vehicles have blah blah blah. Only no. “Jeep” brand vehicles and even the formal name “Jeep” didn’t exist until 1950 at the earliest.

You could argue that the Term “jeep” was popularized in 1941 and is therefor the birth of the Jeep Brand, but it seems like an arbitrary date to hang your hat on. Not to mention there are records of calling other testing vehicles, tractors and bombers by the name jeep as far back as 1914. One thing is for sure; “Jeep® Brand vehicles” have NOT inspired anyone to anything for 75 years.