Stupid idea for a kit car

Start with, oh, a Lotus Seven clone design.

Move the cockpit forward by, oh, 18-24", because you don’t have an engine up front.

Put four Tesla Model S battery modules in the transmission tunnel area, on their side, paired up along the length of the tunnel. (This’ll be about 6" wide and a foot tall, so it’ll serve as the armrest.)


Put the rest of the modules (there’s 16 in a pack, so 12 modules - you can either lay them flat and stack them, or keep them on their side, either way works really) behind the seats. Or put fewer in to save weight, although you’ll have lower voltage. You won’t have much of a battery case, because you’re trying to save weight, and really, if you get hit in something Lotus Seven-derived, you’re going to die anyway.

Put a Model 3 or maybe S rear drive unit in. (If you go S, and you carry over enough of the electronics from the S, maybe it’ll even Supercharge. But, I suspect a Model 3 drive unit will be lighter, and it’s definitely more efficient.)

Put streamlined bodywork on. You could go classic with something Lotus Eleven or Caterham 21-inspired, or you could go with something more modern. Proportions will be a bit strange just because you won’t quite have either front or mid-engine proportions. (Myself, I’d go with something with a liftback, so I can toss shit in there, but that’s just me.)

Enjoy your ~2100-2300 lb long-range EV sports car with no safety whatsoever and silly power.

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