TLDT, but, if you run a property management company and a prospective tenant is trying to call you answer your phone. If answering your phone is too much trouble don’t be condescending and pushy in your e-mails. “You are a future student at a university, I am assuming you are going to be a pain in the ass tenant. But, you have to rent this now or it could be gone.”

Maybe the person attempting to rent your stupid house could buy it for cash. Maybe they are about to be a student but they have spent the last 10ish years with a decent job and making intelligent decisions with their money and already own some of their own houses, that they rent out.

Anyway the weather here is gorgeous (I am interneting and drinking rum and cokes in my backyard) so have some convertibles that would be awesome to drive right now if I was sober.

No it’s not a convertible but, it is 1 of 28 C5 Zo6’s targa’s