My apartment complex leaves a monthly newsletter in everyone's door. I came home tonight to find this month's newsletter saying there are too many "non-driven, disabled, or otherwise abandoned vehicles" sitting in the parking lots, so they're towing any car parked in the same space for more than 48 hours.

I have a feeling they think I'm part of the problem, with my 2 cars. I park my 135is in my designated spot in the garage. I park my mostly-for-winter Grand Cherokee outside. There aren't designated spots outside, you just park wherever. The BMW's been driven like 3 times all winter, so I could easily see them considering it "abandoned."

My problem comes now that the weather is improving, I'm mostly going to be driving the BMW. The Jeep will stay in the outside lot. But if I don't move the Jeep to a new spot every couple days, they'll tow it. This seems like a huge waste of gas, and my time.

The note does also say "if you will be on vacation or have immediate plans to get a disabled vehicle in working condition, please inform the office so we do not tow the vehicle."

Which hopefully means they're keeping a list of cars that shouldn't be towed, and I can get my cars on that list. So...tomorrow I'm going to have a nice friendly conversation with the bitchy manager girl, explain that I have two fully functioning non-abandoned cars, and ask if I can please give her my cars' make, model and license plates so they don't get towed.


We shall see if this actually works. Given her previous track record of having a shitty attitude whenever I've had to interact with her, I'm not particularly hopeful.