on my way to work today I passed a Camry which had slid off the road. Keep in mind, the snow stopped last evening/night. This was on the highway (RT3 south heading to the Cape) which was not 100% bare but was looking pretty good. I dont think slid is the right word to use, maybe ejected, launched, flew or whatever the negative of grounded to the ground would be. This Camry managed to get up and over a snow bank taller than the car. The funniest thing about this was the look on the tow truck drivers face. He was standing waist deep in the snow just staring at the car like how the fuck am I supposed ot get this out of here? I wouldn;t be surprised if they ended up calling in a crane or just leaving the dumbass there until this snow thaws out, which with what we got in the last week or tow will be August.

that was my commute yesterday, much differnt today