...and make me want to throw my head through a wall.

So the other day I was in study hall on the computer, doing my tri-daily car news search (Sometimes I do more often, but usually I get at least 3 times during the school day to escape the stupidity). All of the sudden, this kid behind me was like "Did you hear about the new Lincoln Continental?" At first I was really confused, and gave him a puzzled look, so he elaborated. And this is what made me want to cry. He said "Yeah, it's like a racecar or something, it's the Lincoln Continental GT, I can't believe you haven't heard of it." At that point I knew he was in fact actually talking about the Bentley Continental GT, and when I said, "Oh, you mean the Bentley?" He responded "Yeah, Bentley, Lincoln, they're like the same company right?"

AND HE WAS BEING SERIOUS. I gave him a very snide "No, not at all." And didn't talk to him for the rest of the period.

Every single person at my school is like this. They either don't know anything at all whatsoever about cars, and will never care, or are extremely misinformed or biased and are too stubborn to learn any different. So there I am, trying to explain why I would rather spend money on something that handles worth a damn than on a giant lifted diesel brodozer to people who think Richard Petty still races and Bentleys and Lincolns are one and the same. Lord help me.