So, it's 32 degrees this morning and foggy. This afternoon it is going to be 60+ and sunny. I have a meeting across town after work, so I decide I will suffer through the morning ride to have my bike in the sun. I load up my gear, strap on my backpack, and take off thinking the cold will be the worst part of the commute... I was wrong.

About 15 minutes into my ride, not long after I get onto the freeway, I encounter a huge clump of traffic. There's no reason for it that I can see, there's no trucks, no wrecks or cops, and the fog has broke at this point in the ride. I work on my way toward the front only to see a woman in a minivan in the overtaking lane, weaving out of the overtaking lane to the standard lane, and back. There are about 20 cars piled up behind her in the overtaking lane while she drives erratically at 65 MPH and slightly slower. Traffic to her left is doing about 65-70 MPH and thus slightly passing her. There is a third lane at this point, but now there is a pack of trucks in this lane doing 55 MPH to climb the hill.

Everyone waits for the lady to take a hint and speed up, move over, and be done. Instead, someone flashing their brights at her results in a brake check... of 20+ cars and motorcycles. You could feel the rage emanating from the traffic even in the 32 degree weather. As soon as the standard (middle) lane traffic had a chance, it moved over to the slow lane and the race was on. The first 7 cars pass her on the right. The next group wait to see if she took the hint for about 30 seconds, then they begin making their move too. Half way through another 7-8 cars passing her, she randomly and without a blinker, swerves into the middle lane, nearly broadsiding a HVAC service van. Realizing she isn't going to win a fight with the larger of the species, she corrects back so far that she runs into the shoulder, peppering me with gravel and random road crap. At this point I have had enough, as soon as she does manage to move into the standard lane I pop down a couple gears and fly up to her window. What do I see? An old woman lost and confused? A woman terrified of driving on the freeway? No, a 500lb welfare recipient trying to EAT CHEETOS AND TALKING ON THE PHONE! At that point I pegged my limiter at her window and took off. I had to leave before I culled her from the herd.


There are no amount of speeders or generic douche drivers that can ever cause as much danger/delay on the road system that woman was... and yet the cops never do anything about them. The rage is now very strong with this one.

Here, have a funny license plate I saw the other day for listening to the rant:

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