After work yesterday, I went over to Lowes to pick up some rock. There’s almost a half a ton of marble chips in that trailer. On the way home, I stuck to the right lane since I was going slower than the rest of the traffic. The load wasn’t that big, but there was no reason to push it in stop-and-go traffic.

A couple of miles down the road I got caught at a light with a motorcycle behind me. When the light turned green, I started accelerating at a pace that would be best described as stately. No heroics here, I’m clearly pulling a load of rock.


Well, I wasn’t accelerating fast enough for Mr. Zippy on his motorcycle, so he switched lanes and got on the gas. No big deal. I’d have done the same. The problem came when he swooped in front of me and got hard on the brakes. Hello!

I guess he didn’t realize that the entrance to his apartment complex was only 1,300 feet past the light. I had to get hard on the brakes to avoid squishing him. It was so close that I couldn’t see his back tire over the hood of the Explorer.

He realized his mistake a little too late and almost didn’t make the turn. I watched as he overshot the entrance a bit and had to backtrack to avoid hitting the center median. It was not what I would call a smooth turn. It makes me wonder if he’s a new rider. If he keeps making mistakes like that, he won’t be a new rider for long. He’ll be a statistic.