We have FP sites for games, sports, cars, tech, and whatever the heck Lifehacker is. All HOBBIES, right?

I do not personally understand how Jezebel fits in there, and now even more so The Root.

Why does the need for such a blog need to exist? If I were to make one called WHITE DUDES STUFF (as an example, I would be too lazy to make two separate blogs for being a dude, and white) I’d piss off a lot of people and be called a racist and a misogynist and be boycotted and shut down. Maybe.

I’m rambling here but it seems like all it is doing when someone makes a blog like this, or a store, or a product, that its pushing people... HUMANS farther apart. Be it by gender, race, culture, etc.

For example: This thing is only for X type of people, Y types are not allowed!

And I know that’s not always the case, but that’s how it looks from the outside. Just look at the titles of some of the stories. Sure seems to be geared toward scaring certain types of people away.


Maybe my dumb brain just doesn’t get it, or maybe I had too much ice cream tonight and the gas is affecting my reasoning but as a white slightly lactose intolerant straight male I don’t know if I’m just confused, or should be offended, or what.

Can’t we all just get along as humans and enjoy the same things without being segregated as a people into specific blogs or stores or products? If you don’t like cars, you don’t go to Jalopnik. If you don’t like sports, you don’t go to Deadspin. If you... don’t like..... women.... or..... black people.... see what I mean?


“Cool car” (literally what I typed into GIS) for your time: