Ok, so I’m coming up on 90k Miles on my Mustang GT (currently sitting at 86.5k).

So my question.....what maintenance should of been performed by now? Like I’ve always change my oil and such regularly and had the inspection by either Goodyear or Firestone. So far the only thing to come up is I am about to need a new battery.

My question is...should I have done other preventative maintenance by now? Also the brakes have never been changed but I’ve had them inspected on the last oil change and I’ve still got 7mm left on my brakes.

Should I check all my fluids soon? Like do a full flush and do a fresh fill on everything? Also how about suspension and other components?

My father is a stickler and I don’t have all the tools required to do the work myself nor the talent unless it’s the Gran Torino, because simplicity of the design.

Anyway what should I do maintenance wise?

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