So yesterday in the great weather, I decided to swap my 30 year old factory steering gear box for a new re-manufactured box.

Everything came apart nice and easy, got the new box in, bled the system and steering feel was great, then on the way back to my house, PS failed completely. I think the “new” box had some debris in it that blocked one of the spool valves and I think it killed my pump as well from an over pressure condition.


I thought I was buying a quality part re-manufactured by Cardone from NAPA apparently not.

Now I need to get at least a new box, and maybe a new pump.

What I want is a Lee Power Steering Pump and Box, but seeing as that will run me $800-1000, that isn’t happening any time soon.

TLDR: In attempt to better the steering feel and responsiveness, i ended up killing the whole system thanks for a faulty re-manufactured part made in Mexico.

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