In April 2015 I sold my old AWD Vibe to some one from highschool. After work tonight I go to Tim Hortons for tea. I see it, I see my old Vibe parked there. Holy shit, that stupid car is still alive. I see the person I sold it to inside, great. I go in, and they see me, they notice my Juke. Last time they saw me I had my Sonic. How it went down:

Buddy-Β β€œSold the Sonic?”

Me- β€œNope, traded it in June. Hows the Vibe treating you?”

Buddy- β€œGood, just rolled over 218,000kms. I also slept in it, the front passenger seat folding flat is great” (I sold it at 178,000kms)

Me- β€œMust be doing lots of driving.”

Buddy- ”Being doing roofing, lots of job sites far away. How about you?”

Me- β€œBeen working in a restaurant.”

Buddy- β€œThats good. Just had to do the front wheel bearing last month.” (I got them done at 175,000kms)


Me- β€œSounds pricey.”

Buddy- β€œIt was.”

Me- β€œI need to get going, have a good night.”

Buddy- β€œYou too.”

Looking at, you could see lots more highway scars. It looked like a proper beater.