Stupid squirrels

A squirrel got into the chimney. This led to much amusement among our cats while they watched it through the glass, and much stress for my wife who worried it would get out.

I was at work, and my suggestions of how she could do to resolve the issue. My favorite suggestion was to build a ring of boxes blocking off the fireplaces, open the fireplace doors, and drop in one of our cats for gladiatorial combat. Strangely this suggestion was not well received.


When I got home we barricaded the cats in the bedroom and blocked all exits from the room except the front door. All the moving boxes we have around came in handy. She opened the front door, I opened the chimney glass, and tried to get the little sucker in a net with no luck.

Thankfully I was able to use a broom handle to get him out of the fireplace, and he managed to find the way out.

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