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Stupid Taco

Not a Taco for your time.

So I’m sitting in my Tacoma, eating lunch today and listening to some music. Suddenly the radio cuts out...as in has zero power. Dash clock is dead, too. I turn the key from ACC to ON, and the dash lights up and the fan starts blowing. Shut it off, radio beeps through the speakers. Turn it back to ACC, radio and dash clock work. Turn it to ON, radio and clock lose power, dash lights up, blower blows.


Eff it...let’s see what happens. Put it in neutral, push in the clutch, turn the key to START, nothing. No crank, nothing. Shut it off, radio beeps again.

I’ll try to jump it when I’m done at work and see if that helps. I don’t think it’s the battery though.

I want my old ‘86 Civic Si back.

Edit: I’ve left out the fact that the horn quit working and the radio quit picking up stations in March or April of 2016. Recently I had it to a mechanic to replace the steering rack, and they threw in a Toyota horn they had laying around which sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. I think I’ve got wiring gremlins in a place I really don’t want to dig to.


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