I have a lot of stupid ideas of what I would do with my Lancia given the money or energy to do it, here’s a few.

Fog Lights: I’ve been milling it over for a bit and I’m really liking the look of fog lights perched on the bumper. Maybe a bit to faux rally car but it kind of mimics the Beta quad headlights from the front. It would be cool to wire it to where the factory rear fog light switch is supposed to go on the Montes in the center console where there is just blank plastic now.

Mud flaps: Speaking of faux rally car looks, mud flaps is these old style chevron designs look really cool to me. It just might be a little too much and busy for my tastes. Not a lot of examples out there but it would be nice to limit the sound of rock strikes on the side of the car.


Ship it to Italy and drive it. This idea is completely nuts and not feasible at all, but I want to drive it through Piedmont and Aosta. The road above is part of the Nivolet Pass in Gran Paradiso national park. I want to be there.

The factory it was made in is still standing (although it makes Maseratis now IIRC) and would be great to visit it.

Will any of this happen? Probably not, the smart thing to do would be to continue saving to get a much needed paint job, the paint is mostly original and showing its 42 years. Thanks for reading, anyone else have dumb ideas for their cars that might or might not happen?