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After not touching it for months, I finally decided to clear all the crap off of it and fire it up. Well, of course the battery was dead and the accelerator pump circuit in the WCFB was plugged up, but after correcting those things, it fired right up and ran beautifully. So, under cover of darkness, I ventured out to the local Safeway gas station to squirt a bit of gas into the nearly empty tank.


I was incredibly nervous, as I have never driven it further than around the block, but it got there perfectly. Then I decided to take it down a couple of back roads just outside of town. Man, it drives great for a car with no power steering and manual drum brakes (that is to say it’s a bit sketchy, but manageable).

I have renewed interest in the project. Next up: get the brake lights working, replace the crusty old rubber brake lines, and hit the road for some summer fun!


Sorry for the old pic. It does look slightly less dilapidated nowadays.

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