My wife and I were picking up my son from school. On the way back to the car one of the other parents picking up their children sees us getting into our Forester and says to us, “Oh! You’ve got a Subaru Forester? I used to have a Subaru Forester!” She was really excited about this. Then she comes to get a closer look and says, “Oh! You got the big mirrors too!”

I’m at a total loss of what to say. I can see two other Foresters from where I’m standing and the mirrors are the only mirrors that came on the car. She eventually stopped being excited about my car and packed here children in her Tribeca and left. More interestingly there are two Tribecas at our elementary school of ~60 students.

For the rest of the day whenever we saw a Forester (we saw lots of them) we would exclaim in delight that someone else has a Forester and judge them on the size of their mirrors.