Subaru Forester MAJOR Mods (Eyebrow LEDs)

So, after finally getting the car officially in my name... after 6 years of ownership... I have begun the enormous task of modifying it. I wanted to start with the hard stuff first, so I rolled the dice and replaced my eyebrow bulbs.

I found some simple LED bulbs on Amazon which fit right into the standard sockets without any fuss. I actually bought these for something else, but they turned out to be the right bulbs for this massive project. These will fit in any interior light socket and license plate illumination... socket. They are not that bright, but look fab at night. They make the car look newer, as well.


I have yet to put ‘er on the dyno, but I’m guessing that with a K&N, this should put down another 45hp. Not too bad for 5 minutes of work.

Here’s the link to the bulbs on Amazon:

I have uploaded this image 20 times trying to replace the landscape orientation with a landscape version, but it keeps uploading the same image. I don’t even have this image on my computer anymore but it just won’t let it go. Amazing.


Not as amazing as the new gains from these bulbs, however.

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