I have a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS in my possession. But I’m not sure what to do with it. It has only 105,000 miles on the odometer, it starts (once I put in a new battery), it runs, it shifts, it’s a 5-speed manual and I’ve never driven a manual before.

But it needs a lot of work:

  • Timing Belt
  • Full brake job - pads and rotors
  • Driver-side windshield wiper arm broken
  • Gas filler tube or charcoal canister needs to be replaced
  • Interior needs a detailing, bad.
  • Fluid changes (probably all of them at this point.)
  • Passenger side front-fender is smashed to bits
  • Usual Subaru rear quarter panel rust
  • Possibly a new clutch. Reverse is a little sticky.
  • 2 new tires (previous owner only replaced front two. Shameful since its AWD)
  • It has the boxer rumble... but I think that’s cause the muffler is rusted in places.

I bought it for a great price and could probably flip it without putting much into it. But I have no idea what it’s worth on the used car market or what it could cost to fix all of those problems — I have no mechanical knowledge or experience.

But, she sure is pretty:


Thoughts? Keep it for a long-term project car? Or resell it?