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Some of you may know that I have been searching for Legacy GTs, but I've recently come to a relieving conclusion: since my main criteria for Leggies is the boxer sound, the AWD, and the driving characteristics, why go for an LGT? I don't necessarily need the power, and particularly don't need modified turbo maintenance in the dead of winter. So I've refined my search, and have been looking for normal 2.5i Legacy wagons. But I have a question about this one:…


The owner (confirmed via email) had the engine rebuilt 15k ago in response to the leaking head gasket. Timing belt was changed at that time as well. My question is this: are there any issues with buying a car post-headgasket fix? Or should I find a car that has yet to lose the head gasket and hope it will last longer? I should also note that few 2.5i Legacies are available with low mileage, and finding a manual wagon is rare enough.


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