Subaru update: it's the headgaskets. Or engine :(

According to the dealership at least. They told my neighbor she needed the radiator and headgaskets replaced, to the tune of $4300. They then told her she ALSO needed her engine replaced for an additional $5800. Absolute scum. These are the same people who tried to tell my mom her engine needed to be replaced for a minor issue. 6 years and 80,000 miles later her “broken” engine is doing just fine.

This is partially my fault as I told my neighbor to take it to “the Subaru specialist down the street”. I meant the independent place, but yeah, I should have clarified.


We’re getting it towed to the *independent* Subaru shop which I trust a million times more to not try to take advantage of someone.

The car has about 140k miles and it’s been very reliable up until now, for all that I bashed it when it was mine. Sounds like my neighbor wants to fix it rather than dump it, which I think is a smart move.


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