It hurts. Kill me. Please.

Yes, you read that right.

Witness the wonders of invention. Witness what can happen when one man takes his dreams and makes them realidad.


Note the emphasis on ‘functioning.’

This man welded the front half is a 1985 Subaru GL to the back half of 1973 Volkswagen Beetle. He wanted us to know that they were both 4-cylinder engines, and exactly which half was the Beetle. They both work.

Two engines.

Sporty pipes.

Tiene dos motores, uno al frente y una atras. Los dos funcionan.

The average millennial doesn’t know this face.

No expense was spared in assembling this beast. Why? Because willpower.

Because innovación. Because Florida.

I feel like this came out of a 99¢ Matchbox ripoff in the dollar store, next to flip-flops that fall apart when you look at them and the water bottles with the spinny fans on them. With a badly translated Japanese name, like ‘Cherry butt delivery car’ or ‘fat taxi.’

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