If Subaru's sales continue as they have for the last 9 months the Japanese automaker will break the 400,000 sales mark for the first time since they arrived in America 50 years ago.

Year-to-date Subaru has sold 313,407 vehicles in the US. They still have three months of sales left which means they need to sell 86,593 cars total to meet the magic 400,000 number.

During the same three-month period in 2012 Subaru sold a total of 90,978 vehicles. Given that each month so far this year they've exceeded last year's sales numbers, cracking 400,000 vehicles in the US market seems like an easy victory.

While this number doesn't seem like much when you compare it to a corporation like General Motors, who sold 2.5 million cars in America last year, when stacked side-by-side with a brand like Mazda, who sold 277,046 cars in America, Subaru looks destined for great things.


Not bad for an automaker who sold 332 cars their first year in America and who according to some enthusiasts, have lost their way.