So my wife’s TDI is going to be bought back in a few months. She refuses to drive a car “That the liberals have had their way with”, so we’re pretty much locked in for a buyback. My wife is also pretty set on a Subcompact crossover.

Ironically, what had been the front runner was knocked off the list when we went to see it earlier today. The car is much bigger outside than in (and it’s not particularly big out the outside), and has some mediocre, at best, visibility. Let’s go on to the remaining 2:

Probably in second place of the two is the Buick Encore. In-person, she loves the way it looks, and the stance and equipment levels are solid choices. We didn’t get to sit in one, but the Sport Touring model with its newer 1.4T and strong all around value makes a compelling argument. Now onto 1st:

Currently the front-runner is the Honda HR-V. She’s been in one, and like the interior quite a bit. None of the contestants have been driven yet, so that may end up being the tie-breaker. Not as big of an issue to my wife, but I do have a beef with the HR-V. I actually love the car, but it’s let down by the fact that under the hood lies a 2006 Civic engine. Not necessarily a terrible engine at all, but the R18 is old technology. Like I said though, less important to her. So that’s where we’re at.


Also, I was very impressed by the Buick/GMC dealer near the new house, so that’s a possible option regarding my other posts.