Take the Toyota Sienta, it’s the size of a Yaris, but it’s a minivan. With sliding doors and everything. Sure, it looks a little odd on the outside, but that’s what’s in now, funky looking cars.

And you can fit 7 in a car based off a Yaris! Don’t know how comfortable those rear seats are, but for small children, it’s most likely fine. That’s who’s going to be sitting there most, if not all of the time anyways.

Then there’s the B-Max. It is to the Fiesta what the C-Max is to the Focus. However, this one’s got sliding doors. It only seats 5 though.


But would you look at that! No pillar.


Then last, but not least, the Opel Meriva. This could be sold as a Buick or a Chevrolet in North America.

The Meriva does not actually have sliding doors, and it has a pillar. Instead, it has suicide doors. EXACTLY like a Rolls-Royce Phantom.


There’s our dearly departed friend the Skoda Roomster.

And then there’s the Dacia Logan MCV (Good news!).


It’s a bit more of a wagon if I’m honest.

Come to think of it, the Soul fits in this class too, also the 500L. But that’s all we get. And the 500L is crap.