I’m taking my MR2 to autocross in a few days. As of right now it isn’t perfectly aligned because the front subframe is bent from a previous owner’s date with a curb. This could make “Oh-Snap!” oversteer a bigger issue. How worried should I be?

I want to fix the suspension before I upgrade anything else on the car. It’d be backwards to add more power. Backwards in a hedge... What I’m wondering, is how expensive and extensive the effort would be to replace the front subframe (and probably the shocks too.) As far as I know, the damage is limited to that subframe and the rest of the chassis is solid.

I’ll know a lot more about its limit handling in its current state this Saturday. Times and results, maybe a video too if I can set it up well, will be shared here for all to chuckle at...

In the mean time, how much time/money should I plan to budget for this overhaul?