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Subie Experts (CaptDale), lend me your ears

This is going to be a bit weird.

I am trying to get the 2007 Impreza wagon (not pictured) squared away to be a car that can get my son through college, at which time he can buy his next car himself.


So the instrument panel was malfunctioning, and my mechanic sent it to a local guy who could swap in a used panel for a few hundred bucks. When they opened it, the ABS and SRS warning lights had been painted over. Only on Craigslist would you buy a Subaru with disabled airbags full of cocaine! JUST KIDDING!

They cleaned everything up and tested the systems. ABS is fine, and the light does not come on after startup (it comes on and turns off like it is supposed to.) SRS has a broken wire under my seat, and they say we have to replace the wiring harness. Does this make any sense?

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