How a car drives is much more important to me than how a car looks, but I'd be lying if I told myself that the design of a car is not important.

A car is a tool, but it's also a "jacket" that you wear, if you will, and there are some jackets I just can't see myself wearing, regardless of how comfortable or warm (or fast or fine-handling) they are.

I could probably own an egg-yolk 996 (great bargain entry to Porsche for many enthusiasts) even though I really do dislike the headlights, but somehow I just can't see myself wearing a current-gen Camaro... I can respect my friend's low, black, modified SS, but it's just not for me.

I want a car that I'll never get tired of looking at when I walk up to it at the end of the day, and one that always elicits a "look back" every time I get out of it. A car's aesthetics go hand in hand (for me) with the sounds it makes. I want a car that excites all of my senses.


Have you ever owned a car that you loved to drive, but really never liked the looks of?