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Subtle revenge is best

Whilst over at the Goodwill Outlet the other day I spotted a nice looking Wii in a bin right in front of me and began reaching down to grab it. As I did, some asshole practically climbed into the bin, reached waaay over, and snagged it right out from under me, letting out a smug “ha!” as he did. Now most people over there are reasonable and will trade items back and forth, but this guy was just a douchenozzle. But I found a simple and sneaky way to get a little revenge. As he was gloating to his friend about his score, I found the bag with the power supply, cables, controllers, etc., slipped it into my cart and bought it.

It’ll probably cost you three times as much for the accessories compared to the base unit. Some killer deal you got there, eh sport?..


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