Yes, this is just another picture of the Cougar. But this is a picture with the front end rebuilt!

Don’t call me to be your mechanic, because I did screw up more than once along the way. I forgot to flare one brake line after cutting it (how the flare nut stayed on there, I don’t know). Yes, there was more than one connection I forgot to fully torque down (I’m looking at you 90 degree brass caliper fittings). I received a few incorrect parts that delayed things. Broke a couple of bolts that required yet another order.

In the end, it was well worth it. The brake pedal is nice and firm, the car stops better than it ever has, and has me thinking that I don’t need to go with a power conversion. The driver’s side tire no longer rubs when I hit a bump. The steering has much less slack. I can honestly say that i haven’t done anything to any other car I’ve owned that’s made this much of a difference. Yes, they were all 50 year old parts and OF COURSE it should make a difference. But after the struggle I had, plenty of bouts of frustration that had me wanted to set the car on fire, I’m thrilled beyond belief. Now, I have to take it to get an alignment, the springs will settle, and all will be good in the world.

Next up, New rear leafs, interior floor, and some new seats. The list never seems to get any shorter...