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This is the cleanest, most beautiful “dirty” oil I’ve ever seen. I changed the oil in the 350,000+ mile Miata 34 times and it was black each time.


Honda manual says 8k oil intervals so realistically I was about 3k early but... Previous owner said he last did it about two years ago.

The best part? When removing the fairing to get to the drain bolt and filter, I only broke 2 out of the 3 trim clips. Sigh. Trim clips are the work of the devil.


New battery is in and this thing starts up so much better now. I didn't get to the spark plugs today, I'll save that for when my gas tank isn't full since I guess I have to lift it. 

Only issue I ran into was chain tension. She’s loose! I can press the chain up into the swingarm pretty easily, and am getting a good deal more than the 1" of deflection Honda specifies. Probably closer to 2" than 1". I should probably fix that tonight but I think I’m going to need a bigger wrench to break the rear wheel loose...

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