Success: Guess Who's Regular Now

For the first time ever within my ownership period the Amanti runs perfectly on 86 octane at 5,300 ft above sea level! When I first got it the Boaterface knocked with anything under 88 octane. Now, me being the premiere Korean car enthusiast that I am, I knew that something was seriously wrong because all Hyundai-Kia engines are developed to run regular in the US.

Well I’m pleased to report the powertrain is officially at full beans! Complete rev range, quick response, smooth idle, and top end stability all while being slightly more efficient in the city (so far), no loss of torque but a tiny loss of power approaching redline (but of course even a 10% power loss from only 200 hp is still 180 hp), and saving me $8 at the pump.


Now I feel comfortable changing the timing belt because I wasn’t going to bother unless I could get the engine right and knew I’d keep the car. With the powertrain and EGR all back to new car levels I can finally update the suspension and braking system.

“Has the Amanti been reliable?”

Quick Answer: NOW it has been, but it’s ALWAYS been dependable and trustworthy by my definition.


Long Answer: I dont believe in reliability when it’s a used car, only owner care. However, dependability and ease of ownership are things I do believe in! Simply put, this means that I can trust cars despite them calling for repairs and maintenance as long as it isn’t the same thing twice and they don’t become a burden or concern to me. Ol’ Chunky Brewster here has been 100% dependable despite some troubles.


On a slightly different note, buy whatever you want! Make time for your car and enjoy it while you have it, even the most reliable car in the world can be wrecked while parked. Sometimes the money saved buying used goes into getting the car back to 100%. Sometimes the money you would have spent modifying the car needs to go towards fixing a window regulator. I will always stand by taking care of your things being what promotes life in them. Some just require less attention, but doesn’t everything you chose and worked to own deserve all your attention anyways?


On that note, you will never convince me not to buy a Maserati, especially a Granturismo. I just wish I had a dealership around me so that I could at least get the bi-monthly recalls done...

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