A few months ago I helped my grandfather-in-law replace the regulator in his awful 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which was confusing him beyond all reason. It was easy to figure out the confusing part. Hard to do everything else (such a terrible car).

A handful of weeks ago in the morning as I was preparing to go to work, I accidentally pushed the rear window switch in my old car after that window hadn’t moved in 12+ months and hadn’t been washed in probably 6+ months. Crack! Then the window fell. Argh.

Anyhow, I ordered the part from Rock Auto and today I got around to installing it. Taking that door apart really impressed to me just how well Ford/Lincoln were engineering their cars back then. The JGC looked like economy car garbage compared to this, and it was so easy to work on (aside from the new part being different enough that I needed a nut I didn’t have and the weird plastic roll pin thing that holds the window into the regulator sucks). Very impressive. This was the first time I had ever dismantled a FoMoCo door; I’ve done way too many things in GM doors (junk that always breaks, then never reassembles properly) and VW doors (overly complicated and too many variants), so I was terrified of this project and kept putting it off.

The next project is scarier, since I can’t find a howto anywhere and I can’t even find a diagram or what part I need - The driver’s power door lock actuator on my wife’s 2008 Mazda 3, which is acting up.