For those of you who have been following this saga. I have had a Mercedes customer that wanted a fairly difficult car to find. And they have not been terribly flexible on the options available to them. But...they did increase their budget which allowed me to find a "new" (they will be the first owners) 2013 C300 Palladium Silver -black/walnut interior, with navigation and Harmon Kardon radio with only 8000 dealer-demo miles. MSRP on this car is 44,500. I landed it for 36,870. And it will be delivered to their house, this Friday! Whew, that was close, I really earned my fee for this car. The good news is, these folks know a lot of people with money and are the type to give referrals. Hopefully, I will get some more clients out of this. Maybe the next Mercedes customer will want an AMG :)