A couple days ago my buddy Howard came over to help me tackle straightening the core support on the Roadmaster. Howard spent some time in the navy back in the day, so I needed his expert “ship-fitters eye” (the “p” in ship may or may not really be a “t”).

After we got the AC condenser out (the system had no charge in it), I was able to get some better pics of how far the support was bent.

Here you can see how badly the condenser itself is bent.


We started pulling the bottom of the core support forward. We used a Harbor Frieght 4000 pound rated hand winch attached to the trailer hitch of my truck. True to reputation, the winch turned out to be a one use tool. After the first pull, the release lever worked once. After the second pull, no dice. Luckily we had the winch at basically full extension and it was anchored to something movable, my truck. I released the tension by backing up the truck, and repositioned for pull number three.


Satisfied with the front to back positioning, it was time to deal with the levelness. The back of the support was pushed down, while the front of the support was bent up.

The bottom came right up thanks to a floor jack. The top took a little more “convincing” with a block of wood and some implements from my “Drawer of Jeremy.”


We then pronounced the core support, “Good enough for this job,” and pushed the Toadmaster back in the garage to await its new radiator. The radiator arrived yesterday afternoon, but I’m on daddy daycare duty the rest of the week. I should be able to get it going again next week.